Over 75’s to Lose Free TV Licences

Over 75's to Lose Free TV Licences

Responding to the announcement that the BBC will scrap blanket free licences for over-75s, local Lib-Dem campaigner John Morrissey says:

“Amber Valley has around 8,000 residents aged 75 and over, and while some can afford the extra cost, there will be many who will have to look hard at their household budgets to decide if they can afford the extra £154.50.

“This was a deeply cynical ploy by the Tories to burden the BBC with the blame. Serendipitously, the BBC will be facing a funding crisis round about the time it might otherwise be trying the hold the Tories to account.”



The Liberal Democrat MP for Edinburgh West, Christine Jardine, raised the issue in parliament, and  a Liberal Democrat Spokesperson adds:

“Concessions for over-75s are a social cost which should not be paid for by the licence fee, but from central Government funding.  

“If the Conservative Government does not want to pay for free licences for over 75s then they should be upfront about their policy.”