Improve our Leisure Centre

Belper Leisure Centre

Amber Valley’s leisure centres are where many people first get introduced to sports and fitness, but they are social hubs too. Ripley, Alfreton and Heanor were fortunate in getting completely rebuilt just over 10 years ago, although this was as a result of the Private Finance Initiative, with hidden longer-term costs.

Belper missed out on these improvements, because it was run separately through an historic arrangement between the County, Borough and Town councils given its close proximity to Belper School. This has caused friction, and while there have been improvements and many people love the centre, it is not able to provide quite the same range of facilities as the other centres, particularly in terms of public swimming pool time. There are also some parking problems, as it shares the school’s car park. 

The biggest issue seems to be lack of a long-term financial settlement, but also a lack of openness about tackling the problems. As Belper has grown its population, many people have questioned how the town can provide an adequate sports service from this small centre.


Belper Leisure Centre

Our Plan

We want to see the costs that the council incurs for it’s current PFP partnership compared with the costs of Belper Leisure Centre.  We believe that Belper has a shortfall in funding.

But, leisure is far more than these fixed-site facilities. 

Liberal Democrats want to see more forward thinking to support new recreation facilities in partnership with private clubs, and more joined-up thinking on trim trails and cycle routes. 


Belper Leisure Centre

Although the County Council has the main responsibility for strategic cycle routes, the Borough needs to do more to help plan these routes through new developments.

 In the case of Belper, through redevelopment on Derwent Street, but also up through the Coppice Brook corridor to the eastern estates. And there needs to be greater support for the voluntary leisure activities provided in Belper’s case, at places like the impressive Strutt Centre.

“I promise to keep you informed.”

Adam Raphael