Greenbelt Consultation Response

Green Belt Consultation Response

Amber Valley Liberal Democrats have responded to the public consultation on Green Belt Amendments and Additional Site Allocations. Read our full response here.

We have been opposed to development on the Green Belt since the battle for Lily Street Farm, Swanwick, in the early 1990s, as the Conservative Borough Council has lost the ambition to ‘conserve’ anything. 

New housing development is about the most destructive thing we can do to the environment .  There is real pressure for growth, not least because more people are living singly, and more older people want to downsize.

We demand the Council removes its blinkers on Brownfield sites – in Belper a specific study for the Neighbourhood Plan has shown these are more than adequate to meet projected demand.  A Lib Dem influenced council would  investigate these sites across the borough (including Stevensons at Bullbridge), proactively engaging with developers to use them, and at national level pushing  developers to release land banks.  It would switch taxation to land values.  Where development is permitted, it would insist on every practicable energy efficiency measure as a basic and enforced condition.