General Election 2019

General Election 12th December 2019

Today we are celebrating our continued membership of the EU, and also launching our general election campaign locally.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party who can Stop Brexit, fight the climate emergency, and build a brighter future for Britain. Find out more about our candidates below. 

Felix is our candidate for Mid-Derbyshire, which includes residents in Belper and Duffield. 

“Britain’s future is brighter if we remain in the EU: a stronger NHS, new jobs and industries, a cleaner and safer planet. But only if we put aside the divisive politics and unite together.”

You can follow Felix’s campaign via his pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Kate Smith is our candidate for Amber Valley constituency, which covers many local towns, including Alfreton, Heanor, Ripley, Heage, Kilburn, Denby and South Wingfield.

“I know Amber Valley and its resilient people, and I am deeply worried about the divisive rhetoric of the extreme Tory and Brexit parties, and the effect that Brexit will have on our community.”

You can follow Kate’s campaign via the Amber Valley Lib Dems Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Crich, Alport and Southwest Parishes are in the Derbyshire Dales constituency, and our candidate is Robert Court.

“We need to restore truth and integrity to our politics. Let’s save the planet from climate catastrophe and the country from a disastrous Brexit.”

You can follow Robert on Twitter, or look at the Facebook page for Derbyshire Dales Lib Dems